Commercial pop quiz!

Have you guys seen this commercial from Geico about Paul Revere?

Here’s your pop quiz question: what topic covered in class is the basis of the joke in this video? 


5 thoughts on “Commercial pop quiz!

  1. I am not sure what was covered on Thursday. But, the commercial to me implies that having Geico insurance makes people happy because they “save” money.

  2. That is a good summary of the commercial. But remember, the question is about the joke – what concept is being presented in a humorous way in the video? And it is a bigger theme we have discussed several times throughout the term!

    1. The commercial is saying that because Paul Revere had a cell phone he played games with his family instead of “riding through the night” to give warning. Dromology speaks of how time is shrinking because of new media inventions. If it existed then we would have a totally different history and more than likely Paul Revere would be a nobody.

  3. Technology made Paul Revere’s job so much easier in 2013 (during this commercial) than it was during the American Revolution. He got the job done back then by managing to alert the militia of the approaching British forces before they arrived, but he really had to hustle. Now, he just pulls out his cell phone, reports the news, and goes back to playing his game of charades. Through technology, time and space are no obstacle, for we can be “telepresent” almost anywhere at any time with the simple push of a button.

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