cinemagraph demo

flower_cinemagraphHere is the result from our class demo on making cinemagraphs. If I continue to work at this a bit more and followed some of the advanced tutorials available in Blackboard I could make it loop seemlessly.


Photojojo’s latest post could help with Assignment 2

Photojojo! We find the best photo shiz anywhere

Photojojo, a great web newsletter on photography (as well as a very wallet-dangerous store!) has a new post today entitled How to Shoot Portraits Without People.
This is a great example of how objects and context can help to reveal personal information about your subject.

It’s that I don’t like white paper backgrounds. A woman does not live in front of white paper. She lives on the street, in a motor car, in a hotel room. – Helmut Newton

This is my Jacksonville

I moved to Jacksonville last August when I began teaching at FSCJ. Many people I’ve met have been less happy than in other Florida towns – I think because there are more who “find” themselves here rather than choosing the city themselves. And like any larger city, there are huge disparities that exist depending on where you live. This is somewhat explained by size – the largest city by area in the US!

But for me it’s been perfect. There are a lot of things to do here, but you need to look to find them. And of course, there’s great weather!


Still need to find books for your Dromology/Convergence paper?

Check out this great shelf of books from the main library in downtown Jacksonville.  It sure looks like a lot of great possibilities!

Look, there’s even a book called “The Coming Convergence” in there!

You can find these books and a lot more in Social Sciences section (look for the call numbers 302.5 – 303.483 to get started) on the 3rd floor.

Photo Scavenger Hunt results!

In class this week we completed a photo scavenger hunt. In an hour, we had to find and shoot ten different images. Below are my results using the “circle” gallery theme – you can learn more about adding images in WordPress using galleries here!

About me

For our first blog post I want each of you to tell us a little bit about yourself. To make things fair, I’ll start by doing the same!

Name: my name is Liz Murphy Thomas, most students call me either “Prof. Thomas” or just “Liz” – either works for me!

What do you do/want to do: I am an Assistant Professor of Digital Media at FSCJ as well as an artist and photographer. I also run a burgeoning vintage clothing store through the online site Etsy.

Where are you from: I was born in Ohio but I grew up on the east coast of Florida. I’ve lived in central FL and the FL panhandle, Maryland, Illinois and Tennessee and now I am happy to call Jacksonville, FL home.

What is the best book you’ve ever read? Why: I just finished reading the first five books in George R.R, Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and I am definitely going through withdrawal! While the violence and sex featured in the tv series are what a lot of people are buzzing about, I am really a fan of the amazing job the books do to create three-dimensional characters who act in very human, complex ways against an interesting quasi-historical background.

What makes you happy: I really enjoy opportunities where I can help and really know I’ve made an impact on someone’s life. There’s something so powerful about helping someone who thought they were alone or stuck and they are surprised to know that someone would care enough to do something selflessly to help them. Oh and cats, cats make me happy.

What makes you mad: Callousness, especially to those who are weak or don’t have the agency to defend themselves. I am especially angry over the abuse of animals and the mistreatment of stray and feral animals.

What is your idea of a fun day: My idea of a fun day would have to include vintage shopping, a few hours at the beach or the pool (I love swimming!), a fun meal with some friends and a relaxing night hanging out with my husband. One of the great things about living here in Jax is that this actually happens pretty regularly!

What’s the one thing in the world you think you probably know way too much about: I will have to say it’s the cult tv show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. I still remember when I first found the show on late night cable back when I was a teenager and what a profound impact it had on me to see people so smart and so silly at the same time enjoying really bad and kitschy films. I still love and watch the shows online – I even made my own version of this cross stitch homage!

So now you know a bit about me. As we continue through this class together, we’ll get to know even more about each other as we learn more about digital media concepts and processes. And now it’s your turn, I look forward to reading your posts!